27 Reasons to Love San Diego


As a native of San Diego, I have been fortunate to grow up surrounded by the beauty American’s Finest City has to offer. With our breathtaking views, growing economy and perfect weather, San Diego is home to a lifestyle found very few places on the planet.

San Diego Magazine has recently published the “27 Reasons to Love San Diego,” and I found myself nodding along as I read the article. What makes San Diego loveable is the reason we are also envied. It’s an exciting time for our region with continued growth, cultural enhancements and architecture. Gone is the little sleepy beach town with a downtown you didn’t dare enter. The enhancements to San Diego continue to impress this native. Regardless of where the planes may take me around the globe, there is no place like home!

Check out San Diego Magazine’s article by clicking on the link below:

27 Reasons to Love San Diego – San Diego Magazine – February 2015 – San Diego, California.

What else would you add to this list? Pop your comment about what makes San Diego loveable to you in the comment section below!

Day #7: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Swing Dancing)

My great adventure around San Diego took me back to the San Diego Central Library yesterday but this time for a swing dance lesson under the dome. The very talented team from Swing Dance San Diego hosts free swing dance lessons at the Central Library a few times per month. In honor of the Library’s 1st anniversary, they hosted a special lesson under the dome on a Saturday morning.

I took along my parents, experienced dancers and graduates of Mr. Benjamin’s Cotillion School, to help bridge the gap between my inexperience with swing and my dread of possibly dancing with a stranger. I have to give it to the instructors – they offer a very friendly and approachable process for learning the basic steps. They make all students rotate partners so I did have to endure a few wet fish hand shakes and beat-deficient dancers but all in all, the experience was a lot of fun. In just 30-minutes, they were able to teach us a few steps, in an entertaining and engaging manner. I was impressed that the 30 participants were all ages, shapes and sizes.  Like my parents, there were a few ringers in the group, but generally speaking, most attendees were new to the dance.

After 30-minutes of lessons, and a performance by the professionals, there was an open dance session where we could try out our new steps. Taking a swing lesson overlooking San Diego was an unique way to spend a morning!


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Day #4: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Central Library)

I discovered one of San Diego’s greatest gems today – the new San Diego Central Library. I realize I’m a little late to the party given the Library celebrates its first anniversary this weekend, but until now my schedule just didn’t permit the formal tour.

I signed up on the Library website for a guided tour, which takes place on Wednesday’s at 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. I was met by a former librarian, and now volunteer, Mike, who was extremely knowledgeable of the facility. The hour-long tour had us tromping all over the 500,000 sq ft facility. The Central Library is a flurry of activity, and hardly resembles the libraries of my youth that required whispering like in a yoga studio. Across the 9 floors within the library (2 are dedicated to a charter high school), you find wonderful resources in every nook and cranny.  A few highlights:

1. The Central Library has a collection of over 10,000 rare books; which will be displayed in a dedicated book museum in the future.

2. Visitors can search their family lineage by visiting the genealogy department and using the free subscription to Ancestry.com.

3. Have something 3D you want printed? Head to the free 3D printers on the 8th floor.

4. Art lover? The docent’s give tours to highlight the on-site art museum and the collections spread throughout the building.

5. The dome covering the Library is the largest in North America.

6. They have a mini health clinic inside the Library for blood pressure checks, weight management and health-related workshops.

7. Are you a teenager and want space from your parents? Check out the Teens Only section where only visitors 12-18 can visit – no grown ups allowed!

8. The new Central Library is the most technologically advanced and largest public library in the country.

9. The event space at the Central Library makes me drool! The views are amazing!!!

I highly recommend you taking time to visit a great gift to the San Diego community. This weekend they will have a 1st anniversary celebration, Saturday, September 27th from 10:30 – 2:30 p.m. – the public is welcome.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without getting a new Library Card, which to my delight now comes in 6 different colors. Welcome to my wallet, pretty little teal-colored library card!

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