Playground Chatter with Steve Kemble, America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru

Welcome to Playground Chatter! Our blog series, where we get to profile and chat with some of the best executives in town! Sure, we could ask about all their fancy business stuff but since we are fun monsters, we want to know how they spend their spare time on the playground of life! ______________________________________________________________________________ Your Name: Steve Kemble
Your nickname?  Sassy!
What is your grown up job? Grown Up Job- America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru Lifestyle work in Parties, Weddings, Fashion and Design
How can we find you?
Facebook: A Dose of Sass, by Steve Kemble (fan page); Steve Kemble (personal) Twitter:      @stevekemblechat
Instagram: Steve Kemble
Pinterest:   Steve Kemble
 Steve Kemble.
Tell us where you spent your childhood years. Is there one year you remember most?   I spent the majority of my childhood in my birthplace, Dallas, Texas. The year I remember most was when I was in junior high. We did a theatre production of the Wizard of Oz and I played the Tin Man! I was not very good a memorizing my lines (neither was anyone else for that matter, lol!) so it was truly a very customized version of the production. The first time I really watched it on TV years after our production, I told my parents….wow! they have really changed it since we did it! They replied, no- y’all really changed it when y’all did it! To this day, when I see a woman in ruby red heels, I get the biggest smile!
Favorite part of the playground to hang out in?  My favorite part of the playground to hang out in was the swings…I really thought one day I was actually going loop all the way over the top bar if I kept trying!
Lunch pail, brown bag or did you buy lunch?  My favorite lunch pail was aluminum and Land of the Lost.
What would be your ideal recess today?  My ideal recess today would be Happy Hour- 10, 2 and 4!
Does your company encourage recess for their employees?  YES!, I encourage recess for my employees, even power naps are fine- just no snoring!
If I deemed you Playground Monitor for the next 15 minutes, how would you rally your employees? What activity would everyone participate in?   If I was the Playground Monitor I would have everyone grab a brightly colored hula hoop and we would have the most amazing fun energizing our bodies to Taylor Swifts mega-hit, Shake It Off’! Encouraging everyone to ‘Shake Off’ whatever is bothering them!
What rules did you learn on the playground that you still utilize today? The most important rule I learned on the playground was to share, as everyone wanted time on certain playground items. Even today I use what I learned! For example, while at the airport and using a charging station, I charge my phone for a while and then even though sometimes not fully charged, I left others use the community charging station.
When does time disappear for you? Talk about your hobbies.  Time disappears for me when I escape to my backyard…away from my phone, computer, TV, and social media. One of my favorite hobbies is gardening. I have to admit, there have been times while frustrated over a certain individual or situation I have named a weed after them…you have no idea how amazing the feeling of pulling that weed and tossing it away is! It’s like I just ridded myself of the frustration!
Steve Kemble 2 What is one area of your life where you need more recess?  The one area of my life where I need more recess is on weekends! I tend to work on the weekend because I am able to accomplish so much without interruption. Yet doing this takes me away from family and friends on many occasions.
What is your authentic intention (that thing that you really, really want to do or accomplish?) What are you doing to get there?  I really want to get to a point where I can start taking from Fridays at Noon through Sunday for me and my loved ones. I am working hard to design my work week so that I can do just that. For now, it means my work day starts earlier- but that is ok, I am realizing how valuable ‘me time’ on the weekends is, to energize me for the coming week!
What can you do to design your life to better incorporate more recess?  I have learned that if you want me recess in your life, then you are the one person that can make that happen. And I have learned that by planning ahead it really can happen. I now block certain times and days on my schedule and I stick to it! I promise 99% of the time things work out. For example, you find out that meeting that just had to happen on Tuesday at 2pm, really is just fine happening Wednesday at 10am, etc.
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Super Party for Super Bowl!

Given I’m currently on site in Phoenix working on a corporate Super Bowl program, it makes plenty of sense to devote today’s blog to all things football! Every where you turn in Phoenix is a sponsor brand, a team shirt or footballs galore! The Super Bowl has arrived in this town with a force!

When I need event design inspiration, I look no further than the Hostess with the Mostess blog! If you aren’t a follower of HWTM, you should jump on to all of their social media channels so you can be inspired on a daily basis! I love their ideas for a super fun, Super Bowl party, so I’m delighted to share them with you! Don’t just throw out a bag of chips and a sandwich tray! Spice up your party with these easy design tricks!

Check out the HWTM blog for Super Bowl party decor ideas.

diy-football-party-chip-bagsWhich team are you hoping will win the 2015 game?

Warner Brothers and ‘In Style’ Golden Globes Party

For event planners, award’s season is as much about the after party production as it is the stunning gowns the women are wearing! Our friends at Biz Bash have done a fabulous job of capturing all of the highlights from this year’s 2015 Golden Globes Party for Warner Bros, NBC Universal and In Style Magazine.

Warner Brothers and ‘In Style’ Golden Globes Party.

I’m loving the diverse looks within each of these parties. The video projection and use of technology as decor is fierce. Check out the forest technology wall by Thomas Ford- it’s stunning! Be sure to also find the Plinko Game by Pandora – a fun way to create interaction for the guests.

What have you seen at an event recently that you loved?

Photo by Line 8 Photography




California Party Professionals

We are very excited to have recently been invited to join the California Party Professionals.

Do you have a party related business and interested in networking with other party professionals? We are a growing group of party stylists, planners, graphic artists, designers, sweets owners, floral artists, event coordinators, party bloggers, photographers, and party suppliers. If you live in California and would like to request an invitation please contact Please include your business information and links.

CA Party Planners Group

A Year in the Life Of a Personal Concierge

As the year comes to a close, it allows us time to look back at all the projects we have been involved with over the past year. If you have ever wondered how a personal concierge spends their time, here’s a list of the tasks we performed in 2011. By managing the to-do lists of busy folks, we are able to give them back the gift of time. We are excited that the personal concierge industry continues to grow so we can be of service to even more clients in the coming year!


  • Planned a retirement party for 75 guests
  • Planned a 3-day romantic “staycation” for a couple in San Diego
  • Created and managed a San Diego Scavenger Hunt for conference attendees
  • Coordinated transportation and tours for a Chinese delegation visiting Salk Institute
  • Produced a viewing party for Oprah’s Last Show – 300 guests
  • Planned a 60th birthday party for 100 guests
  • Managed a variety of non-profit fundraising events
  • Produced a high-profile conference for event planners and entrepreneurs – 80 guests
  • Coordinated an exclusive Royal Wedding tour to London
  • Managed an executive golf outing and VIP tour at Callaway Golf
  • Managed a wedding at a private estate



  • Coordinated a cruise in Tahiti
  • Coordinated a 10-day trip through Eastern Canada via train
  • Coordinated a family cruise in Alaska
  • Coordinated a 3-week family excursion to Europe
  • Coordinated a 14-day family experience in Mexico
  • Coordinated a 2-week trip to Croatia, France & Spain
  • Managing the Executive Travel Program for an international medical device company



  • Successfully relocated 25 international executive families to San Diego between June and November 2011 – managed home finding your, settling in services and school selection
  • Hired a private investigator for a client
  • Coordinated a closet organization and delivery of clothing to a consignment store
  • Created unique gift baskets for an employee appreciation program
  • Designed a VIP concert experience for 20 guests to see Elton John
  • Coordinated household services from window washing to carpet cleaning
  • Offered holiday support from carving pumpkins to ordering Christmas trees for clients
  • Facilitated the ordering and delivery of client appreciation gifts
  • Personal shopping for a client’s professional wardrobe
  • Created legacy videos for a retirement party & 60th birthday party
  • Gift wrapped holiday gifts