A Beginner’s Guide to Thanksgiving…

Since your Halloween costume is now a memory, and the candy bowl is slowly diminishing, it can only mean we have rolled into November! Is this the year you’ve raised your hand and volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner at your house? Be brave! It’s not as scary as you think!

Over the next few weeks, The Henley Co. lifestyle team will help you to create and execute a plan to design the ultimate Thanksgiving feast! Pull up a chair and come hungry!

The success of any party starts with the guest list. As long as the right people are in the room, you can turn any night into a party! Start by making a list of the family and friends you would like to invite. Remember, as the host/hostess you have the final say on who gets invited. Family dynamics can always rear up during the holidays; take this time to mend bridges or to create new memories. Set the rules that drama gets left at the door, and only gratitude can enter!

With the influx of electronic communication, there is no need to clutter your guests in-box with one more message. Instead, stand out from the crowd and send a snail mail invitation. Your guests will be surprised that a beautiful invitation has arrived in their mailbox, and it will set the theme for the festivities to come. The internet is ripe with easy to use electronic invitation sites that allow you to design online and then print to paper. Here’s a super easy invite I whipped up using Canva.com.

We would be GRATEFUL if you joined us for a Thanksgiving Feast!In the weeks ahead, we’ll focus on menu planning, shopping lists and the evening entertainment to keep all of your guests happy!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory? Share in the comments below!


You Must Read: CeciStyle Magazine

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about CeciStyle Magazine. Every Tuesday we look forward to the masterpiece popping into our inbox. Our friend, Ceci Johnson, is just about the coolest chic on the planet. Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, a style icon and the Mom of a cute little button, she is also a kick-ass business woman with an unbelievable amount of creative talent. To say we have a bit of a chick crush is an understatement! Oh to be Ceci!!

Do yourself a favor and sign up for her Magazine. You will find creative inspiration and a visual vacation every week.


We are giddy with excitement that we are currently working with Ceci New York on a major creative project!! Can’t wait to tell you more over the coming months!



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