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Get out of town and go have a little RECESS somewhere else!

JetBlue | Hot Fares Sale.

RECESS By The Henley Company
Life is a Playground – Go Experience It!

Postcard by iPhone App: E-Mail Postcards from Your iPhone

Going to a gift shop on your next vacation, picking out a postcard and then hunting for a stamp is so last year! Our friends at have created an iPhone app so you can now email your postcards home!  Postcard by iPhone App: E-Mail Postcards from Your iPhone Check it out and let us know your thoughts!



Enjoying RECESS in Cabo!

The Henley Company offices have moved south this week to Cabo San Lucas! This blog is being typed pool side with the Sea of Cortez at my feet and the sound of the waves being the only noise that interrupts the pure solitude this longitude and latitude ever brings me. A pod of dolphins was spotted this morning. Funny enough I was so caught up in my email that the housekeeper who was inside cleaning had to come and point out what was happening right under my nose.  That’s a sign from the universe that I need to put away all things electronic and just enjoy the RECESS that Cabo can bring.

Our first night was spent enjoying dinner in San Jose and enjoying a wonderful weekly art walk. All of the various galleries and gift shops stay open late on Thursday and welcome visitors into their stores. The center of town is still decorated with it’s Christmas attire and the bells of the church ring proudly on the top of the hour. The culture in San Jose retains the colonial traditions of days past. Unlike it’s brother, Cabo San Lucas, which is known for it’s nightlife and high-end stores, San Jose is quiet, old Mexico. The restaurants are superb. We enjoyed lovely outdoor dining at Morgans Restaurant & Cellar.

Our Villa is exquisite. Please read all about it here: It’s on a private beach half way between San Jose and Cabo. Our friends at Lifestyle Villas, the largest luxury lifestyle company in Cabo, have gone above and beyond to make sure we have had nothing but the best. From the flawless pick-up at the airport to the easy transition to the villa to the heaping and gorgeous plate of salsa, guacamole and chips, to the flowing margaritas that were in our hand within the first 2 minutes of being on the property, to the itinerary of wonderful treatments and experiences -the entire production has been FIRST CLASS! They truly are the leaders in service! Given The Henley Company’s fondness for “experiences” I am always intrigued to see how other’s can deliver on their promise. Hands down, Lifestyle Villas meets the mark and exceeds it. They totally get it – treat the client as a VIP, create the perfect experience for the client without the client even realizing and make sure that every detail is attended to. Each villa comes with it’s own personal concierge assigned to the property. Daniel, our concierge has been perfect! In fact he is now on his way with tacos and quesadillas! This is my dream delivery! This is exactly how a company should be run! Congrats to Ali & Shari and their team for a fabulous, well oiled machine!

Given it’s proximity to Southern California, Cabo provides the perfect escape for a few days of RECESS. Your itinerary can be as adventurous or as peaceful as you desire. With whale watching season now in full effect, it’s a wonderful time to be in Cabo. I’ve traveled a lot in Mexico in the last few years – never felt unsafe, never had any problems. It’s a wonderful country and one that all American’s should appreciate for more than just the negative headlines we are fed via the media.

It’s been a good day of doing nothing – and sometimes just quieting your mind can be the best RECESS of all!

Check out the view I am seeing as I work from under my palapa today!

What are you doing today to create more RECESS in your life!

First Stamp in the Passport!

I love a year that starts with me getting stamps in my passport the first week! I’m off to Cabo San Lucas this week for a combination of work and play! Our friends at Lifestyle Villas in Cabo have invited us down for a site visit. That should satisfy the IRS and qualify the trip as a business deduction! The real intention is to go to one of my happiest places on earth and to just soak in the beauty, the culture and

the peace and quiet. Cabo is just a short jaunt from San Diego but yet it feels like a world away. I know most people think of Cabo for it’s nightlife and crazy whistle blowing bartenders that are pouring tequila down your throat. Yes that exists, but for me Cabo represents the complete opposite. I have found a peace in Cabo that I rarely have found in any other place on earth. It’s the perfect place to quiet my mind and to recharge for the upcoming year.

I was introduced to Alejandro Ordonez, Owner of Lifestyle Villas late last Summer when we were both attending a concierge conference in Florida. It wasn’t just his invitation to come visit him in Cabo that solidified the friendship but his drive, his integrity and his zest for bettering his business that made us fast friends. Together with his wife, they have created the largest villa management & lifestyle company in Cabo. With a staff of over 40 people, they are fanatical for attention to detail and to creating an experience for their guests. I can’t wait to experience it all first hand and to tell you all about it when I get home!

Where will your passport take you this year?

2011 is the year that The Henley Company will launch our new brand – RECESS: Life is a Playground – Go Experience it! Stop talking about your “one day…” Guess what – your “one day” is knocking on your door now – what are you going to do about it? Dust off that passport! There is a big world out there that wants to meet you!