Day #2: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Get Air)

Day # 2 of my challenge had me getting air! The trampoline park craze seems to be taking over the kids birthday party circuit. I wanted to get in on the action even though I wasn’t there celebrating a 6 year old’s birthday!

My niece, Elyse, happens to have a Staff Development Day today so I took her with me to Get Air in Poway so she could show me the ropes of bouncing high! I was the giant amongst a sea of toddlers that were gingerly bouncing, and no where in the league of the next America’s Ninja Warrior, who took every chance he could get to show me his flips. When I complimented his skill, he told me he takes karate and he pointed to his rising sun headband. I bowed in reverence to a great karate master.

Elyse took off with a blast, bouncing high and low, where as I needed to get my trampoline legs underneath me. We tried everything from the foam pit, to the basketball hoop, and raced our way with high knees from one side of the field to the other. We laughed uncontrollably when my attempt at bouncing on my stomach to flip back up to my feet looked more like a whale beaching itself. We then took part in a fierce game of dodge ball, which again labeled me the giant in the cage. Sorry to the future Mary Lou Retton, who back flips like it’s an art; the doge ball game was on and you took a red ball to the side of the head! How’s it feel to watch from the sidelines, Mary Lou?

Our hour-long bounce pass felt like we were there for 3 days thanks to the exhausting workout, but we had a blast together. It was a really fun little field trip, and I got to take an hour out of my otherwise serious day to play with my niece.  #Blessing!

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The 46 Places to Go in 2013 –


The New York Times has come out with their list of the 46 places to visit in 2013. Ready to book your trip? Our travel concierge are at your service!

The 46 Places to Go in 2013 –

What other places would you add to this list?

Room With a View : Condé Nast Traveler

Admit it, one of the first things you do when you check into a hotel room is look out the window to take in the view. Unfortunately, most views are nothing to write home about. How many times have you just looked out over the parking lot, into the office building next door or into a brick wall? You need a much better travel agent, if this is the case! We can help! When you do get treated to an amazing view, it makes all the difference!  Check out these spectacular hotel room views around the world. We are giving you a little mental break from your busy day….

Room With a View : Condé Nast Traveler.

5 Things You Didnt Know About Traveling with Hillary Clinton : Condé Nast Traveler


5 Things You Didnt Know About Traveling with Hillary Clinton : Condé Nast Traveler.


Hillary – we salute you for your commitment to the country and to being an inspirational woman! Check out her surprising travel facts!  Wonder what she will do for recess when her term as Secretary of State is over?

Give Hillary some suggestions on how she can enjoy the gift of time once she gets it again!

Pricing for Profit in Cabo

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It’s becoming a tradition that we spend the first weekend in January in Cabo to conduct a business development seminar with the event professionals in this beautiful corner of the world. Our friends at Lifestyle Villas are wonderful partners and they handpick the vendors to be included in the workshop. This year the topic was Pricing for Profit! I always love sharing the stage with my girl, Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess. This year was a bonus because my darling sister Jodi was able to tag along. What better way to start the year than talking business in paradise? We are locking in dates for 2013 so keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more details so you can join the fun next year.

There are LOTS of very talented people who we have to thank for a fabulous weekend. The more event professionals we meet in Cabo, the more impressed we become with the business climate in Mexico.

Without hesitation, I would recommend every one of these vendors:

Lifestyle Villas ( – Ali & Sheri Ordonez are the owners of Lifestyle Villas, the largest lifestyle management company in Cabo. I freak’n love these two! Ali & I met several years ago at a concierge conference. We became fast friends, which had nothing to do of course with his access to the most stunning luxury villas in Cabo!! We quickly figured there was plenty of reason to partner and we have been off to the races ever since. I’ve been lucky to travel lots of places around the world but Villa Serena stopped me in my tracks. We are talking 5500 sq. ft of beach front loveliness. The entire experience with the Lifestyle Villas team is first rate. They truly define a quality customer service experience. Susana on the Lifestyle Villas team is a total rock star and always manages every detail of our stay from arrival to activities to departure. Why would you chose to stay in a hotel in Cabo when you could have this personalized service in a stunningly beautiful home?

Cheque ( – He is driver extraordinaire. He picked is up at the airport so we didn’t need to deal with any nasty taxis. Before even leaving the airport he gave us an ice cold bottle of water and a super refreshing towel to tidy up for our drive. He is super sweet, helpful and informative. We are all convinced we need a driver at home too!

Daniel ( -Our personal concierge – LOVE him. He’s the go to guy for everything for our stay. He makes sure we had dinner reservations (super swanky or just down and local like we like it), delivered snorkel gear so we could just walk out the back door and putz around, coordinated Cheque’s arrival, finalized our breakfast menu and just overall made sure we had everything we needed for a flawless experience. Let’s not forget his daily dose of homemade guacamole and fresh margaritas!
El iTaKate Catering ( – Love their mantra – “No Menu, No Rules, Spontaneous Cuisine.” Yea! They provided this super decadent lunch of lobster rolls, flank steak sandwiches, little coconut chicken salad leaves and white chocolate dipped strawberries and  Mexican cookies and pastries. Their service was so attentive, professional and sweet. We wanted to bring them home in our suitcase they are so fabulous!

A Matter of Taste Breakfast (  – The morning of the seminar we started with a fabulous spread from A Matter of Taste. You think you have tasted fruit until you taste fruit in Mexico and then you realize that everything else you’ve been eating has been a fraud! We were treated to delicious muffins, cinnamon rolls that made you want to cry they were so good and of course the aforementioned fruit! We met A Matter of Taste last year when they attended our workshop and treated us to a crazy delicious dinner. They continue to blow us away with their quality.

Suzanne Morel ( – If there is ever a company you want to know, it’s the team at Suzanne Morel. Seriously – the greatest spa experience you will ever have. They turned our crazy huge beach front villa into a spa haven! The Suzanne Morel team discretely set up massage tables in each of our bedrooms. Rose petals were sprinkled through the doorway to greet us as we headed to our table of paradise. When our face wasn’t pressed into the little massage table snorkel, we could look up and see the waves crashing onto the beach. This is the second year we have had the pleasure of enjoying Suzanne Morel’s services. To say we have a serious girl crush on this company is an understatement!

Annie Murphy and Pez Gato Marine Adventures / Tropicat Cabo ( / – If you are looking for the best experience to enjoy the water in Cabo look no further than Annie Murphy and her team at Pez Gato Marine Adventures & Tropicat Cabo. The sunset cruise aboard her catamaran was stunningly beautiful. What’s better than taking in the marine life frolicking in the Sea of Cortez / Pacific Ocean, while enjoying margaritas and the most breathtaking sunset? The catamaran is a perfect for special events, group tours and families. We even had the pleasure of watching a wedding proposal take place on the bow of the ship. The Tropicat team is super professional, attentive and want to make sure you are having a wonderful experience. They didn’t disappoint!

 Take a little break and enjoy the photos from our trip! Hopefully this will inspire you to head South of the Border real soon!

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Eat Where The Locals Eat In Cabo!

Growing up in Southern California, just a stone’s throw from Mexico, I have eaten my share of good Mexican food. Little did I know, everything I’ve previously eaten is now chump change compared to heaven on earth I had last week in Cabo!

Introducing Las Guacamaya’s – THE MOST DELICIOUS Mexican food you will ever eat! This fun little “locals” joint  in San Jose Del Cabo is nothing fancy but what they lack in linen napkins and good china they make up in quality and service. Seriously, if I could make a dress out of their tortillas and accessorize it with salsa and guacamole I think I would. We ordered way too much food and we didn’t care one bit. It just meant we had leftovers for lunch the next day. They started the meal by bringing us a fried cheese roll up. Like literally cheese they baked in a pan and then rolled up right at the end while it was still hot to make a tube. You know every nutritionist is passing out at the sheer thought of eating fried cheese but who cares. You can’t believe the glory in front of you and promise yourself you’ll do an extra mile next time just so you don’t have to pass up this experience. Guacamaya’s will forever be on my list of restaurants to visit when in Cabo. We can’t thank Daniel, our concierge at our villa for the recommendation. We will talk about this amazing dining experience for a very long time.


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PS – the Corona’s are by far the coldest in all of Cabo and if you promise to buy your taxi driver an ice cream he will stop at the Wal Mart on the way home so you can finish the binge with a gelato!!

Living the Life Thanks to Lifestyle Villas in Cabo San Lucas

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If you have been following our blog lately, you know that we recently took a trip down south to visit our office in Cabo San Lucas…and by “office” I mean the palapa next to the pool overlooking the ocean! There is certainly nothing like the creativity bolt that you get when your view is the Sea of Cortez, your co-workers for the day are the marine life swimming past and your employee lunch room is a 5-star catered meal poolside. To say that I love my job is an understatement!

The creative masters behind my flawless trip was the amazing team at Lifestyle Villas. When they invited us down to do a site visit and to “experience” their villa offerings I knew I was going to be impressed. I was not prepared to be blown away! Talk about a first class operation! My interaction began several weeks before my trip as my Destination Specialist, Susana, worked with me to ensure a smooth trip. Lifestyle Villas makes it their priority to make sure that your trip exceeds every expectation. Susana made sure that our villa was stocked with the appropriate amenities: tequila, margarita mix, guacamole…you get the hint! It was nice to have the comforts of home, including my beloved Diet Coke, in the refrigerator.

The airport pick-up could not have been smoother. Immediately upon exiting the baggage claim, a Lifestyle Villas representative was on hand. He immediately whisked me to a beautiful SUV and handed me a cold bottle of water. Within 20 minutes, we were safely delivered to our gated estate, Villa Anna-Lei, which is over 6000 sq. feet of beach front loveliness. Villa Anna-Lei is located in the corridor, about half way between San Jose del Cabo and Los Cabos. It is one of the most breathtaking pieces of property in the world. My consumption of the view was only interrupted by the heaping plate of guacamole and salsa that welcomed us into the property. I can easily lose my focus with chips & dips! Our personal concierge, Daniel, was at the house upon our arrival and made our transition easy. Within minutes we had a tour of the house and our luggage was tucked away into the appropriate bedroom. Daniel was on hand throughout the weekend to make sure we had everything we needed. The level of personal assistance that we had far exceeds any 5-star hotel.

Lifestyle Villas went all out to ensure that we had a very VIP treatment. The spa experience we had with Suzanne Morel Mobile Day Spa, followed by dinner by A Matter of Taste, requires their own blogs. I was stunned by the “experience” that both created for us. As an event planner, I feel very jaded about design, decor and good food because I come in contact with so much of it. Most is good; rarely is it remarkable. Both A Matter of Taste and Suzanne Morel are remarkable.

For anyone looking to get away, Cabo is an easy jaunt from Southern California. The flight time is less than 2-hours from San Diego/LA. With a direct flight, you are easily sipping margaritas under perfect sunshine by 2:00 p.m. Cabo is wonderfully safe, exceptionally clean and the level of service in the restaurants, bars and attractions is first-rate. It feels like worlds away from San Diego, while just being a stones throw away.

Muchas gracias Lifestyle Villas for a wonderful weekend! I look forward to the partnership we have established. I have every confidence that you will take care of my clients at the same level you took care of me!

I hope you will enjoy the slide show – the photos don’t really do the property and the experience justice. It was all breathtaking – from beginning to end!

For those looking to do events in Cabo, the go-to team is:

Lifestyle Villas
Festa Fina  – Rentals & Event Design
Cabo Floral Studio
Suzanne Morel Luxury Mobile Day Spa
@cabolinens – they also did the linens for the spa/dinner
A Matter of Taste Catering

JetBlue | Hot Fares Sale

For those looking to escape from the cold weather or for a weekend away, check out the great fares Jet Blue is offering this week.

Get out of town and go have a little RECESS somewhere else!

JetBlue | Hot Fares Sale.

RECESS By The Henley Company
Life is a Playground – Go Experience It!

Postcard by iPhone App: E-Mail Postcards from Your iPhone

Going to a gift shop on your next vacation, picking out a postcard and then hunting for a stamp is so last year! Our friends at have created an iPhone app so you can now email your postcards home!  Postcard by iPhone App: E-Mail Postcards from Your iPhone Check it out and let us know your thoughts!



Enjoying RECESS in Cabo!

The Henley Company offices have moved south this week to Cabo San Lucas! This blog is being typed pool side with the Sea of Cortez at my feet and the sound of the waves being the only noise that interrupts the pure solitude this longitude and latitude ever brings me. A pod of dolphins was spotted this morning. Funny enough I was so caught up in my email that the housekeeper who was inside cleaning had to come and point out what was happening right under my nose.  That’s a sign from the universe that I need to put away all things electronic and just enjoy the RECESS that Cabo can bring.

Our first night was spent enjoying dinner in San Jose and enjoying a wonderful weekly art walk. All of the various galleries and gift shops stay open late on Thursday and welcome visitors into their stores. The center of town is still decorated with it’s Christmas attire and the bells of the church ring proudly on the top of the hour. The culture in San Jose retains the colonial traditions of days past. Unlike it’s brother, Cabo San Lucas, which is known for it’s nightlife and high-end stores, San Jose is quiet, old Mexico. The restaurants are superb. We enjoyed lovely outdoor dining at Morgans Restaurant & Cellar.

Our Villa is exquisite. Please read all about it here: It’s on a private beach half way between San Jose and Cabo. Our friends at Lifestyle Villas, the largest luxury lifestyle company in Cabo, have gone above and beyond to make sure we have had nothing but the best. From the flawless pick-up at the airport to the easy transition to the villa to the heaping and gorgeous plate of salsa, guacamole and chips, to the flowing margaritas that were in our hand within the first 2 minutes of being on the property, to the itinerary of wonderful treatments and experiences -the entire production has been FIRST CLASS! They truly are the leaders in service! Given The Henley Company’s fondness for “experiences” I am always intrigued to see how other’s can deliver on their promise. Hands down, Lifestyle Villas meets the mark and exceeds it. They totally get it – treat the client as a VIP, create the perfect experience for the client without the client even realizing and make sure that every detail is attended to. Each villa comes with it’s own personal concierge assigned to the property. Daniel, our concierge has been perfect! In fact he is now on his way with tacos and quesadillas! This is my dream delivery! This is exactly how a company should be run! Congrats to Ali & Shari and their team for a fabulous, well oiled machine!

Given it’s proximity to Southern California, Cabo provides the perfect escape for a few days of RECESS. Your itinerary can be as adventurous or as peaceful as you desire. With whale watching season now in full effect, it’s a wonderful time to be in Cabo. I’ve traveled a lot in Mexico in the last few years – never felt unsafe, never had any problems. It’s a wonderful country and one that all American’s should appreciate for more than just the negative headlines we are fed via the media.

It’s been a good day of doing nothing – and sometimes just quieting your mind can be the best RECESS of all!

Check out the view I am seeing as I work from under my palapa today!

What are you doing today to create more RECESS in your life!