Warner Brothers and ‘In Style’ Golden Globes Party

For event planners, award’s season is as much about the after party production as it is the stunning gowns the women are wearing! Our friends at Biz Bash have done a fabulous job of capturing all of the highlights from this year’s 2015 Golden Globes Party for Warner Bros, NBC Universal and In Style Magazine.

Warner Brothers and ‘In Style’ Golden Globes Party.

I’m loving the diverse looks within each of these parties. The video projection and use of technology as decor is fierce. Check out the forest technology wall by Thomas Ford- it’s stunning! Be sure to also find the Plinko Game by Pandora – a fun way to create interaction for the guests.

What have you seen at an event recently that you loved?

Photo by Line 8 Photography




Day #11: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Learning the Trade!)

For my 11th experience, I reached out to my event colleague, Sharon Mintz, Owner of Organic Elements – an award winning and regularly published – floral and design studio, and asked if I could shadow her team for a few hours. She was very gracious to have me pop over to her new studio and let me get my hands dirty! I’ve also been in awe of floral design and after seeing what amazing floral art Sharon and her team regularly produce and design, it was easy to know who I would want to train under!

As an event planner, my involvement with a floral team is to talk about a design and place an order. I really had very little knowledge about ordering, flower production, design and execution. On the day I shadowed the Organic Elements team, I was able to help prep a few upcoming projects.

My first assignment was to clean a dozen vases. Like many parts of the event industry, these are the tasks that are not overly fun but very necessary. The behind the scenes prep is what most people forget is necessary. Instead, they walk into a ballroom all set-up for the event and have little knowledge on what it takes to get it from a blank slate to a visual cacophony. It was very evident that the Organic Elements team is well prepared and organized. They have a very efficient system that enables them to work proactively versus re-actively. Kudos to Sharon for taking the panic out of event production!

My next task was to place gorgeous purple orchids in the clean vases. Kaitlyn, OE’s manager, was overly warm and generous in educating me about the process and why flowers need to be processed before they can be used in a design. She was also very complimentary of my ability to be a quick learner! Maybe a career in floral design awaits me in my next life!

My final task was to process a huge bunch of white roses. Thanks to Kaitlyn’s education, I now know that in order to get roses to open up, you must strip them of their leaves because the leaves hog the water as it moves up the stalk. Removing the leaves allows the roses to open and in this case, would make turning these beauties into petals to be tossed at the weekend wedding, a lot easier.

Here I was a novice being tossed into a team of professionals and they couldn’t have been more wonderful and supportive of my willingness to learn. What struck me, beyond their talent and beautiful designs, was the camaraderie amongst the staff. Sharon has designed a team that clearly works hard but plays hard together too. What a joy to be amongst professionals whom truly love what they are doing and they respect the team they are working with. I loved my time at Organic Elements and hope that my future blooms with another opportunity to work behind the scenes with floral designers.

Your take away from this experience should be to think about an industry you know little about but would love to learn and ask for an opportunity to shadow. Most companies always need an extra set of hands and they are very generous with their time!

Thanks Organic Elements team – experience #11 was amazing thanks to you!


It’s Time to Organize Your Closet!

Even though the calendar has indicated fall is upon us, and the weather reports in other parts of the country refer to something called rain and snow, here in San Diego we are still all about summer. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream of days spent wearing boots, scarves and heavy coats. We usually get about 5 days from October – February were we might actually pretend to have real weather!

Even though we are still wearing shorts in San Diego, I’m feeling very inspired to do a hefty closet clean out. At the moment, my closet is coming out to meet me every time I open the doors so it’s time to get organized!

Taking my own advice, I offer you my organizational clean-out tips, “Give, Get & Go!”

When approaching a re-organizational project, I ask my clients or even challenge myself to determine the following:

GIVE: what needs to be given away

GET: what gets to stay and will be worn / used

GO: what needs to go to the trash or recycling

If you make three piles and do a hard edit on every item, you will find yourself organized in no time!

Have an organizational tip? Share in the comments below.


Image by organizing.ws

Day # 9 – Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Pilates Reformer)

I have long practiced yoga and have taken an occasional mat Pilates class, but I have never taken a Pilates reformer class. Day #9 of my challenge took me to Poway Pilates, a charming little Pilates studio in Old Town Poway.

A reformer is a machine that aids you in your Pilates’ workout, offering the user resistance to focus on core strength, posture and flexibility. In another setting, you may think it looks like something used in Fifty Shades of Grey!

Upon arrival at Poway Pilates, I was met by the instructor, Jill, a darling little woman, who apologized that the power was out in the neighborhood so class would involve no music or air conditioning. The class began with some off reformer exercises including lifting with weighted balls and a circular thigh master. We spent the majority of the class on the reformer, which is quick to buck you off if you aren’t using the right level of tension. Half way through, the lights, music and air conditioning turned back on. Thank goodness! The reformer does provide an all-over workout which I enjoyed.

The reformer adds a very different dimension to the workout. I found the class moved very quickly and offered a lot of variety; which is super important to me because my mind wonders.

All in all, I would certainly go back for another Pilates class. At Poway Pilates, new members can take unlimited classes for $29 for 2-weeks.

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Day #8: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Find the Bull’s Eye)

Taking advantage of a Living Social deal, I went to archery class on Sunday for Day #8 of my Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge. Located way down in Otay Mesa, adjacent to the Olympic Training Center, is the Roadrunner Archery Club. My Dad and I found our way to the range for an early morning lesson.

We were met with by our instructor, a slight woman who could clearly handle a bow and arrow, but had a no-nonsense approach to teaching a group of Living Social students. She was quick to remind us that any unsafe behavior would result in being kicked off the range. I can only refer to her as “she” because she never introduced herself to the class. She just started in with the fact that we had to sign the waiver, and we couldn’t touch anything without her direction. She gave us about 10 minutes of instruction on how to hold the bow, how to place the arrow and the best form for trying to hit the target. With that limited instruction, she invited us to the line to start our own practice. She never smiled during the class in spite of the fun-nature of the students.

My Dad and I, along with our fellow Living Social’s, enjoyed the experience in spite of the luke warm reception from the instructor, who apparently was put out for having to teach a class on a Sunday morning. Some shots would end up on the target, while others would sail far past. We hoped to not hit anyone on the walking trail behind the range.

Overall the experience was a lot of fun in spite of grumpy pants being our instructor. Highly recommend!

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Day #7: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Swing Dancing)

My great adventure around San Diego took me back to the San Diego Central Library yesterday but this time for a swing dance lesson under the dome. The very talented team from Swing Dance San Diego hosts free swing dance lessons at the Central Library a few times per month. In honor of the Library’s 1st anniversary, they hosted a special lesson under the dome on a Saturday morning.

I took along my parents, experienced dancers and graduates of Mr. Benjamin’s Cotillion School, to help bridge the gap between my inexperience with swing and my dread of possibly dancing with a stranger. I have to give it to the instructors – they offer a very friendly and approachable process for learning the basic steps. They make all students rotate partners so I did have to endure a few wet fish hand shakes and beat-deficient dancers but all in all, the experience was a lot of fun. In just 30-minutes, they were able to teach us a few steps, in an entertaining and engaging manner. I was impressed that the 30 participants were all ages, shapes and sizes.  Like my parents, there were a few ringers in the group, but generally speaking, most attendees were new to the dance.

After 30-minutes of lessons, and a performance by the professionals, there was an open dance session where we could try out our new steps. Taking a swing lesson overlooking San Diego was an unique way to spend a morning!


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Day # 6: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (How Did I End Up in the Circus?)

On my schedule for today was an aerial yoga class, which I assumed meant a hearty yoga session using a silk hammock. It felt the perfect mix of working out, while dreaming of being in a swaying hammock on the beach in Mexico with a Corona in hand. I had researched aerial yoga classes online and seen the pictures of the flowing poses harnessed above the ground so thought I might be successful at this experience. Off to Aerial Revolution I went this morning.

I should have known I was in the wrong class when I didn’t see any silky hammocks suspended from the rafters. Instead, I found silks of fabric hanging from a rig point at least 30 feet in the air. I thought maybe part of the class was going to be tying off our own hammocks in the pools of silk – at this point I still have a zen mind. My fellow yogi’s were busy stretching and talking about the latest tricks they had tried in a previous class. Tricks? I don’t remember my yoga instructors referring to tricks, but rather poses. Maybe Aerial Revolution has their own lingo. The only other newbie in the class is an overly spirited flower child that was singing while she stretched. She announced how excited she was for the class after giving herself a round of applause. I’m giving myself a round of applause for just being there.

The warm-up solidified that I was indeed in the wrong class. The instructor asked us to run laps, do walking handstands and down dog worm stretches the length of the gym. At this point I’m longing for my Core Power yoga class, which always starts in child’s pose. After the grueling “warm up,” the fiercely  strong instructor, Megan, invited us to chose our silk. I felt virgin white was the right choice since I was clearly experiencing something new, and I felt divine intervention was going to be necessary. The first directive, given to the flower child, the aerial mermaids and me, was to climb the silk, Russian style. That required us to wrap our foot around the silk and then climb up using the wrapped foot as a base for the other. There was nothing Russian about my first attempt other than hoping I was a Russian doll, and my aerial rock star was deep inside waiting to be discovered. The flower child climbed her way to the top of the rafters on her first attempt. I’m now less enamored with her daisy-filled life. Moving on to more advanced techniques (which for me was simply learning how to tie the knot that was going to decide if I was going to survive or fall face-first onto the mat) came with instructions to hook both arms around the silks and then flip our legs over our head. It made me think back to days spent on the playground, where I had no fear and was thin enough to fling myself around the monkey bars without hesitation. The 41-year old version of myself wondered again if my knot was tight enough, if my feet could actually get over my head and how I would possibly try to keep up with the daisy chain that took to the silks like white on rice. With the instructors encouragement, and lots of help, I was after 12 attempts, able to get my feet to heave themselves over my head and invert myself like an airplane. The instructor commended my effort and I think secretly expressed her delight that the hippo did not kick her in the head during the inversion. The silks at this point were so wrapped up that it was like waking amongst tangled bed sheets after a bad dream. I wondered if I just lay down amongst the silks if anyone would notice.

Our final exercise was to do an elevated split, which required us to create a foot hold using the silks on both feet. The darn foot hold requires you to weave the silk around your calf and then zig zag back and forth with the silk. I can’t decide at this point if my legs are now longer or my arms have become shorter because I can’t seem to get my hands and feet to reach within the forest of silk. The teacher keeps offering positive affirmations and reminding me that all students have to start somewhere. Daisy child has mastered the technique and has already moved on to the splits. Her first timers luck is now getting on my nerves. The foot hold offers a new challenge – loss of circulation in your foot. I ask innocently if feeling like the silk is a tourniquet is normal and the instructor confirms that it is. How do these aerial stars not have missing toes since they surely must fall off without any blood circulation? I pretend at this point to be in such awe of my classmates that I would rather watch than participate – the truth being that I couldn’t feel my feet, I never mastered the right technique for wrapping the foot hold and I was too embarrassed to ask for the 40th time, nor did I have the upper body strength to suspend myself any longer. The only joy that comes over me is the fact that we only had 6 minutes left in the class. I decide striking up a conversation with the teacher is better for my shaking muscles and lack of coordination than trying the candy cane pose all the fancy yoga pants are attempting.

The instructor does confirm that I am indeed in the wrong class, that this is an introductory circus arts class and not the “om” yoga experience I was attempting to have. She reassures me that aerial yoga is much easier, which I know translates into her attempt to tell me that I will prefer the harness of the hammock more than the jaw clenching experience of Russian foot holds and candy canes. A more experienced student pipes in that aerial yoga is a better place for me to start – was this her way of saying that every circus has a clown and I was indeed the clown of this class? Well, someone has to feed the elephants in the circus!

If you have profound upper body strength, have every confidence in a 30 foot silk being your life line and you have no fear of heights, then Silks 1 at Aerial Revolution is for you! I think I might stick to a hammock on the beach, sipping a Corona! Namaste!

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