A Proud Moment

Teacher of the year

One of the biggest contributions I will ever make to the event industry is to be a professor! I have the great fortune of teaching at the University of San Diego’s Event Management Certificate Program (www.sandiego.edu/emp) and at San Diego Mesa College.  I thrive when I can engage and inspire future event professionals. I was very honored when the students selected me as USD Instructor of the Year for 2012. Wow!! Given the quality of my colleagues teaching in the program, this is a very exciting privilege!

Interested in a career in the event industry? Check out the USD & Mesa College programs! It’s one of the best investments you will ever make in your career!

3 thoughts on “A Proud Moment

  1. Nicole, I am so very proud to call you my cousin. You had a fantastic 2012!

    Thank you, Patty Workman


  2. Nicole,


    Warm regards,

    Joyce Pekala Sales Manager

    858-952-7622 office 949-322-2662 cell phone

    blend 8470 Redwood Creek Lane San Diego, CA 92126


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