An Olympic Sized Experience!

A week ago I landed at Heathrow Airport in London, which could only mean that I was embarking on what is guaranteed to be an amazing experience! After over 10 years of having the goal, and 2 years of spending a lot of energy into making it happen, I am here to work the Olympic Games. To say I am excited is an understatement. I have been lucky enough to be hired to work with one of the major Olympic sponsors. My role will be to work with their VIPs, which given The Henley Company’s experience of concierge services and event management is right up our alley. London is ready to welcome the world. For those of us lucky enough to have Olympic credentials, we have the privilege of a dedicated line for the Olympic Family; translation – no line at customs! I am now enjoying my flat in the center of London and trying to explore as much as I can when I am not working. I look forward to keeping you updated on the entire Olympic experience!

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