Day 15 of 30 Days of Giving Thanks!

Day 15 – Giving thanks for the perfect view!

I had a meeting with a potential new client today in Cardiff. Although I enjoyed meeting him and getting to know more about his project, I was greatly distracted by the perfect view over his left shoulder. My chair afforded me the best view in the venue and I was able to look at the Pacific Ocean throughout the entire meeting. This made concentrating a challenge! I was captivated about what I saw outside the window! The project became much more intriguing given it’s location. As a native of San Diego, I am fortunate that I have lived within minutes of the ocean my entire life. Unfortunately, busy days don’t always allow for much time to really enjoy the treasure that is right at our doorsteps. I drove back to my office along the coast so I could really take in the view of the ocean today. With our recent Santa Ana winds, the view is crystal clear. What a beautiful day. Today I give thanks for the perfect view.

A perfect day in Cardiff by the Sea

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