Check Out Our Profile by American Express!

Thanks American Express for the profile of The Henley Company today on  the Open Forum website. I appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed about how creating my own opportunities has revolutionized how I am doing business.

Click HERE to enjoy the article!

Are you creating your own opportunities? Share your stories with me!

3 thoughts on “Check Out Our Profile by American Express!

  1. It’s so exciting to read about people making things happen. As noted, it’s a simple thing, but it MADE your business! I’ve been “stuck” for a few weeks on why making my business happen can be scary – makes no sense, but such is life. Reading your story in “Create Your Opportunities” was just what I needed – that friendly reminder of things we “know” but just don’t do. 🙂 Thank you and here’s to your continued success!

    • Thanks Rachel for your comment! For sure making things happen for myself has MADE my business! I now shout the importance of creating your own opportunities from the roof tops! I wish you the best of luck and share with you my motto – “Stop creating for business and start creating your own opportunities!”

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