I’ve just spent the last 3 days in LA LA Land (aka Los Angeles!) with a room full of crazy, overzealous, passionate, ready to dance at the drop of a beat event planners. We all made the trek to attend Uncensored, which is the brain child of Marly Majcher, The Party Goddess. I’ve been a big fan of Marly’s since I saw her speak several years ago at an industry conference. She is one of the only planners who is brave enough to talk about the trials and tribulations involved in owning your own business in this amazing industry. She didn’t have anyone to turn to when she first started because no one was willing to share the information (how snarky is that?) – so she promised to always be a resource for any other planner coming down the path. Her whole mission is helping planners to really make money in their business – we like pretty tablescapes and managing details – we don’t necessarily excel in the financial part! Manage a budget for a client- no problem. Manage the finances of a business- now my head hurts! Marley created Uncensored with the specific goal that planners could spend 3 days working “ON” their business, not “in” it. I have never been in a room with so many people truly committed to making their businesses work. I’ve been to plenty of educational seminars about trends and the “must knows” about my industry but I don’t usually invest in simply concentrating on the business. I’m sure several blog posts will be devoted to what I learned but I am still on a high from just being in the room for the past 3 days! One of the greatest gifts Marley gave us was 2 days with Simon T. Bailey – the most amazing, inspirational speaker and author, who has been put on this planet to ensure that everyone discovers and lives within their brilliance. Simon told us that “Moments create momentum and momentum creates monumental results.” If this is true then the momentum I have just unleashed after being at Uncensored is going to create monumental results for me personally and for The Henley Company. Can’t wait!!

Nicole R. Matthews, CSEP celebrating Uncensored with Simon T. Bailey and Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess!

Follow Simon’s Blog at http://wwwsimontbailey.blogspot.com/

Follow Marley’s Blog at http://thepartygoddess.com/blog/

One thought on “Uncensored!!

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I agree about Marley. I too watched her speak when she was in San Diego for TSE and she was very inspirational and open. I missed uncensored because, unfortunately, it was at the same time as my Mastermind Group meetings with Ciara Daykin (Ciara and Marley do calls together). They are both so open about their knowledge in the industry.

    After being in my Mastermind group for a year, I realized my true passion and calling was blogging about wedding/parties/milestones to help others and left my event planning business of 10 years.

    I wish you all the success and will definitely keep following you. Since we’re in the same city, I’m sure I’ll see you around.

    Have a Fantabulously Eventful Day!
    Shauna C. Henry, Founder & Editor | YourLifEvents.com | Wedding & Lifestyle Blog for the Artsy Chic

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