I met a very dynamic and super smart woman by the name of Lara McCulloch-Carter at The Special Event Conference and Trade Show (#TSE2010) in New Orleans last month. She opened my eyes to the world of Twitter. I think I would join her fan club if I could because of all the social media stuff she knows, but I will settle for being Twitter friends! She’s totally worth the follow (@Ready2Spark). Her recent blog posting is all about living in the present and finding your true purpose in life. Better yet, it’s a gut check on what we do when life hands us lemons! The video clip is well worth the 2 minute investment.


Her blog is a perfect reminder that “one day” should really be “today” so that we aren’t missing what is happening in the present as we prepare for the future.

I’ve got to go pour myself a glass of lemonade!

One thought on “Lemonade!

  1. With all of my social media tracking tools scouring the web, I just came across this post now 🙂

    Thank you so much for the amazing post and the reposting of my story. I almost forgot about this one!

    It was wonderful meeting you as well & I hope I have the opportunity to again at this year’s TSE.


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