“Market Like A Chick” Says I Am A Woman To Watch!

I was honored last week when Market Like A Chick, a dynamic blog from marketing & blog guru, Coree Silvera profiled me in her series “Women to Watch.” I follow her blog (www.marketlikeachick.com) and on Twitter (@marketlikeachik). Every day she posts interesting blogs and links to articles that she thinks other business women will find of value – I told her recently that she is like my very own business/marketing CNN every day!  Given the reach of her followers, I couldn’t help but do a little shimmy (My friend Lisa is on a one-woman campaign to bring the shimmy into the workplace as a sign of excitement and joy! The high five is so last decade!) when I found out she had profiled little ol’ me! Check out the profile and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on ““Market Like A Chick” Says I Am A Woman To Watch!

  1. Wow…Your blog looks amazing!! Great job, Nicole!

    I was so happy to feature you on Market Like A Chick and actually felt like I was the one that should be thanking YOU! You have such an inspiring outlook and have had wonderful success with your event management business…I am so glad to have met you and learned from you.

    Thanks so much for the mention and especially for sharing your wise woman wisdom with us! 🙂

    • Hi Vallie-
      On the main page of the blog, on the right side, below the Twitter feed is a header for RSS Links. You simply click on the RSS-Posts or RSS-Comments to sign up. Thanks for your interest in my blog!

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