CADY…She’s Back!

A year ago I co-founded CADY – A Social Community to Educate, Advance and Celebrate Women with my dear friend Ann marie Houghtailing. After going to endless networking events, we found ourselves walking away with a pocket full of business cards but not feeling like we really had an interesting or substantive conversation with anyone. We wondered where all the interesting women in San Diego were hanging out. Even though we know each other like sisters, we continually have interesting and engaging conversations together. (Ask us about the time we laughed so hard together in McDonald’s that the man next to us asked us if he could join in!) We decided what we couldn’t find we would instead create, so we launched CADY in January 2009. CADY is intended to be a space where women can gather to share interesting conversation, unique experiences and social activism. A CADY woman is the most interesting woman in the room! Check out upcoming CADY events at

The best part by far of the CADY journey is walking the path with Ann marie. She is by far one of the most interesting, dynamic and outrageous women I know. My life is richer because she is my friend. I hope you have a someone in your life that fills your soul the way she fills mine!

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